m1600 for VMS

This system is designed for commercial fishermen with VMS tracking requirements.

Built to perform and priced to compete, SkyMate offers an affordable VMS system that includes a variety of core and value-added services that can help you run your fishing business.


Key Benefits

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save time

Expertly engineered and designed for ease of use, m1600 VMS is ready to go out-of-the box. This system features do-it-yourself installation, with little or no maintenance. It’s capability without complexity.

save money

On average, SkyMate VMS customers pay less compared to any other VMS provider. Affordable hardware and flexible service plans help cut overhead costs, giving customers more for their money and providing VMS for less.


Product Specifications

  • Designed and build for marine environments

  • Low power draw system, just 4 watts

  • Electronic forms data available in CSV

  • Internal better for emergency operation and monitoring

  • Designed for 12Vdc and 24Vdc battery systems

  • Operating temperature range from -20°C to 55°C

  • Dimensions (inches): 2.25 (H) x 5.25 (W) x 5.25 (D) (communications hub)

  • Antenna: Iridium certified dual antenna

  • Antenna pole flush mount options

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Product Features


position reporting

  • Customizable position reporting

  • Secure system prevents unwanted changes to reporting intervals, closed protocol prevents location spoofing

  • Online map-based fleet tracking

  • Customize position reporting intervals


electronic forms

  • Send and receive forms at any time

  • Save time by streamlining information flow

  • Make billing more efficient


weather on demand

  • Always have the most up-to-date weather

  • View wave height, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and temperature for any location


email & Sms

  • Global coverage

  • Send and receive emails anywhere

  • Small attachments available



  • Access global search and rescue

  • Two-way communication with emergency response

  • Position automatically reported to search and rescue



  • Remote monitoring and control for your vessel

  • Monitor and control up to 16 sensors and actuators

  • Receive emergency notifications about the status of your vessel

  • Create custom rules


Get m1600 VMS


For more information on pricing and or to place an order, please contact us at
sales@skymate.com or 1-866-SKYMATE (1-866-759-6283)