Sentry Sensors and Actuators

Sentry is compatible with a wide variety of sensors.
Additional third-party sensors may also be compatible.

Float Switch Tiles.png

Float switch

Receive alerts when float switch is engaged, and if bilge pump is activated.

Switch turns on when water level is at 51mm and off at 19mm. Compatible with pumps drawing up to 20 amps. Designed for use with fresh and salt water only.

magnetic Sensor Tiles.png

Contact Sensor

Increase vessel security and be notified when windows, doors, cabinets, hatches or other areas have been accessed. Create custom rules to receive alerts or sound alarm when sensor is activated.

Sensor measures 32x15x8mm in size on each side with up to 20-30mm operating gap.

Shore Power Sensor Tiles.png

Shore power sensor

Monitor shore power status from anywhere and receive an alert if shore power is lost. Avoid the shutdown of critical systems while docked.

Sensor is IP67 rated and suitable for use in dry, damp or wet areas. Input Voltage Range is 90VAC-295VAC.



Customize the smart boat experience and turn devices on or off remotely through the actuator. Simply install the actuator between the device and power source.

Compatible with any device, including air conditioning, lights, refrigeration systems, alarms, strobe lights and more.


tactile sensor

Versatile design allows the tactile sensor to be used for safeguarding or to detect tampering.

Pressure sensitve button can monitor when an item has been removed, or when contact has been made between two surfaces.



Create a geo-fence and receive notifications when vessel moves into or out of restricted areas.

Safeguard against the impact of strong currents, weak anchor hold and theft.


battery monitoring

Avoid delays due to dead batteries. Monitor battery levels and receive alerts when battery voltage is low.


Position tracking

Track vessel location from home or the office. Automatic position reporting at custom intervals while the vessel is moving or at rest.