Key Features

Position Reporting.png

position reporting

  • Five-minute to 24-hour (+) interval position reporting

  • Multiple schemes. For example, at-sea versus in-harbor rates.

  • OTA rate changes

  • Geofencing

  • Device records position every five minutes and stores 1,000 records, available for interrogation, no matter the set reporting frequency

  • No means for fisherman to change reporting interval

  • Closed protocol, no “spoofing” position reports


Event reporting

  • Supports event reporting as defined by regulation

  • Not adjustable by fisherman

  • Examples include:

    • Power loss

    • Signal loss

    • Antenna disconnect

    • Ship at rest

    • Ship in motion


catch reporting

  • Supports two common schemes:

    • Crew can use catch forms to log data and send to authorities. For example, NOAA in the Greater Atlantic Region.

    • m1600 can deliver reports generated by fisheries departments to authorities. For example, Sri Lanka and BFAR with Android applications


Other reporting

  • Supports many custom reporting requirements

    • 16 distinct forms

    • 15 distinct fisherman declaration requirements

    • More than 10,000 output declaration codes

  • Forms and reporting updates

    • Some regions require frequent changes to reports and forms. For example, the Greater Atlantic Region of the United States has an annual update of reports, declarations and forms. SkyMate creates and distributes these changes.